About Dr. Jessica Campbell

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Dr. Campbell was raised in a family and community of medical doctors. Her mother, an emergency medicine physician and single parent, often took her with her to the hospital while she worked. Dr. Campbell remembers being 6 years old standing with her mouth agape as she watched her mother insert an impossibly long needle into a patient’s back to draw out what seemed like gallons of fluid. She listened around the dinner table as her mother discussed medical cases with her grandfather and uncle, a surgeon and psychiatrist respectively.

Dr. Campbell considered pursuing a traditional career in medicine until she found her way to anthropology as a college student. She was particularly fascinated by medical anthropology, in which she learned that there is no such thing as “standard” medicine. Even what we think of as “western medicine” is practiced very differently from country to country. Most intriguing to her were the medical traditions of nonwestern cultures, as found in Asia and indigenous cultures. One of the hallmarks of nonwestern medicine is an emphasis on holism: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

After doing some soul searching she realized that holistic medicine was what truly spoke to her. Dr. Campbell chose to attend NCNM (now NUNM) to pursue a master’s degree in acupuncture and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. Due to a strong family history of cancer, she knew that she wanted to focus on integrative cancer care. During her education she spent 9 months working with a medical oncologist and another year providing acupuncture to patients undergoing chemotherapy in hospital. She did rotations at multiple Cancer Treatment Centers of America sites and pursued preceptorships with several naturopathic cancer specialists. December of 2016 marks the beginning of Dr. Campbell’s apprenticeship with Dr. Cynthia Bye, ND FABNO, during which time she will be trained as a naturopathic oncologist while also working as an acupuncturist.

The kind of medicine Dr. Campbell learned to practice is patient-centered and “bottom up” rather than “top down,” meaning that she works with patients to improve the foundations on which health is built (diet, lifestyle, stress management) rather than focusing on symptom management alone. While she is trained to use the tools of conventional medicine she has found that many health problems resolve on their own once a patient’s foundation of health has been strengthened.

Dr. Campbell is passionate about working collaboratively with conventional and complementary practitioners in order to provide the best care possible to patients. She believes integrative medicine is the way of the future. And she is so excited that she gets to do what she loves: helping patients reach their optimal wellness, no matter their diagnosis.